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About Khit

The W.D. Gann Trading Coach
I’m Khit Wong, a Full-time Trader & Founder of Gann Explained.

You may have read some of my articles & forecasts on and magazines like “Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities” and “Traders World”.

I’m the only Hong Kong Chinese they invited to contribute based on my trading successes over the last 15 years and that my $7,500 worth trading book predicted a lot of the bottoms and tops for numerous markets from 2012-2018.

Khit Wong – My Story

I graduated from the University of British Columbia (Canada) with an A+ in Mathematics, Statistics & Logic. I am a firm believer in mathematics to trade the market – as behind every indicator was a very famous trader or mathematician. During my early years, I implemented numerous trading systems on Metastock using different indicators like RSI, MACD, Stochastic Trendline, etc. I programmed and optimize the variables to derive the optimal entry and exit.

I did that for a year, and I concluded that technical indicators could not consistently predict the future.

So, I started searching for some Predictive Methods.

I decided to dive into W.D. Gann’s teaching.

I spent $5,000+ on Gann’s materials and 10 years studying and trading with this method but was still inconsistent. I collected most of the Gann’s original manuscripts such as The Law of Vibration by the late Dr. Jerome Baumring; the original 1927 First Edition Tunnel Thru The Air which is the only version contains the clue to decipher how WD Gann used astrology and mathematics to trade; the out of print Bonnie Hill Tunnel Thru The Air one-time seminar in 1992 (Bonnie Hill was one of the members of the Tunnel Lodge Group headed by Petter Ivar Amundsen). Many of Gann’s approaches can be cryptic, and I have spent decades trying to decipher his book Tunnel Through The Air, which contains Gann’s most valuable secrets and the magic. Thankfully, I found my mentor (who preferred to stay anonymous), who showed me his interpretation of Gann’s ‘Anniversary Date’ method, which I spent massive time working on the technique on my own. According to Gann, certain points on the zodiac/ planets relate the Tops and Bottoms of specific stocks, commodity or forex markets. Although, the sun will aspect a particular point on the zodiac on the same day every year, there is a small tweak to it. With a leap of faith, I then entered into a British Pound trade using his ‘Anniversary Date’ signal on 2007 November 9th and made a small profit. I previously had the experience of paying a vast sum of money on all the books and courses but could not get it to work.

With the success of ‘Gann’s Anniversary Date’ trade, I invested $15,000 in mentor’s trading books. It’s not a fluke. This British Pound signal consistently performs well. The very similar planet set up in the sky on 2007 November 9th, which was the all the high of British Pound has reappeared in the sky again on 2014 September 28 and 2015 November 4. I sold 5 contracts of British Pound each and made a profit of US$30,000+.

“I took the idea and learned a totally new way to apply Fibonacci waves.   I suddenly saw the pattern recurring in the market. Wheels within wheels, I see cycles everywhere. History repeats itself and cycles become prevalent in all financial instruments.

After that, I got the importance of Perspective. Once you see things from a different lens everything changes. That’s the ONE THING you need to decode WD Gann Secrets.

The planetary movement has an impact on nature, mankind, and the financial market. Time is not linear and my experience told me the planets, sun, and moon definitely influence market reversals. Mathematics and numbers behind astrology are critical too.

Here’s a quote from W.D. Gann in 1919: “…nothing can be accurate that is not based on mathematics – and so few astrologers are mathematicians.”

As a mathematician, I have an unfair advantage in using Gann’s tools and techniques to make better trades and predict in advance when and why markets change direction in intraday, daily, monthly timeframes in most modern financial markets.

Why Work With Me?

I genuinely want to save you the time and money trying to figure out how to trade the markets.
This is a lifelong skill that pays off for the rest of your life. You don’t need to fear your job will be replaced by a robot, and it’s not something that works today but can be outdated tomorrow. When applied correctly, it can make you money for the rest of your life.


I’m the only Hong Kong Chinese they invited to contribute in FX Street based on my trading successes over the last 15 years and that one of my trading books predicted a lot of the bottoms and tops for numerous markets from 2012-2018.

My Astro Books

Want to know my #1 SECRET to decode W.D. Gann Secrets?  Perspective. Once you see things from a different lens everything changes. 


The Astro Secrets (For the upgraded content, check out Astro Secrets Masterclass

The Never Revealed Astro Trading Method with No Expensive Charting Software Needed!

#1 How to Enter the Market and Find the Direction of the Trend

#2 How to Partially Exit & Lock the Profit

#3 The Truth about Retrograde Trading

#4 Tips to power up your Technical Indicators… and so much more…

For Advanced Astro Traders

The Son of Man 3 Days and 3 Nights Cycle

A Powerful Tool to Predict Major Time Turns So You Can See a Bigger Picture of the Market

#1 Predict the Time Turn

#2 Learn how to Verify Natal Code of any Market you trade

#3 Successfully predicted 20 Turns in 8 Market

NDA required

For W.D. Gann Seekers

The Astro Vol 1. & 2

A Guide to Stock Market Acceleration Points for Stocks and Futures Trading

The book is published back in 2011 and has predicted tops and bottoms of many markets.   NDA required

NDA required


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