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The Path to Becoming a Quality Gann Forecaster

The Astro Secret Masterclass

Discover The Astro Key to Correctly Enter, Exit & Lock Your Profit Without Spending Years Figuring out Planetary Lines, Full & New Moon Signals!

Power Up Your Market Entry, Exit & Timing with my Astro Secrets Masterclass – Can be applied on intraday, intra-week, and daily charts in any market! 

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About Khit Wong 

I am the founder of Gann Explained and my mission is to help you Trade like W.D. Gann.

You may have come across some of my articles & forecasts on, “Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities” and “Traders World”. My Astro Vol. One predicted a lot of the bottoms and tops for numerous markets from 2012-2018.

I want to show you how I turn Law of Vibration into a Repeatable Trading System and help my students become consistently profitable traders.
My goal is to make Sacred Geometry, Ancient Mathematics and Financial Astrology a Repeatable Predictive Science.

I’m here to give you the information and tools you actually need, so you can be a profitable trader..and leave the legacy you’ve always wanted.

You’re the reason I do what I do. 

Our Law of Vibration Course :
Trading Genius Formula – Real Traders Real Stories

Ted made 150 pips on one Euro Trade and $3,000 USD before the course ends.

“This course is the best education to jump-start a trader into successful trading.

The content is all unique, all the other trainers didn’t have content like this.  This is totally Khit’s development. 

I don’t see anybody in market history even WD Gann had predicted that far out and was able to get a lot of the bottoms and the tops so far away from where the prediction occurs.”  Ted. E, USA

Mohammed made $1,000 USD in less than 15 days.

“How to get the exact point to enter and how to calculate my profit in advance, forecast the market and the right way to get my profit in advance. I learned 3 important issues [techniques] from this course this helped me to make the profit in my trading as you see in one trade I made $1,000+ USD in less than 15 days.”  Mohammed M, Saudi Arabia

“If you’re still struggling and you just want a very straightforward method of trading that’s based on Gann methodologies I don’t think there’s anything better out there.  I’ve ever seen that’s such a great price, great lessons and also application of the lessons, Because if you’re learning something and you can’t apply it fairly quickly and practice it’s not of use.”  Nikolas P, USA

Our Popular Courses

The Astro Secrets Masterclass

Trading Genius Formula/ Law of Vibration

The Tunnel Thru The Air Inner Circle Group

Here are some of my Profitable Calls

10X the Power of Astro Secrets with WD Gann Law of Vibration

I don’t know who needs to hear this but this $1 Offer contains 40% of my $7,500 Astro Vol. Book One

For a limited time, you can access Week One of Trading Genius Formula (Law of Vibrations) course and learn how to find Market Reversals the Direction of the Trend & the Exact Spot to Enter the Market in as little as 7 Days for just $1 Only

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